RCI Environnement ensures prompt, top-notch service for specific needs, in emergency situations or for ongoing waste collection service.

Waste collection is a responsibility that you want to confer to an experienced, rigorous and reliable partner, whether you are a city, a business, an industrial enterprise or an institution.

Waste collection is an important matter that we take very seriously at RCI Environnement. Our goal is to provide top-quality service at all times.

Recyclable material

Here are some basic guidelines to help you maximize on the quantity of waste that is recovered for recycling.

Recover milk and juice containers

Gable-top containers and Tetra Pak products are now completely recyclable, so both small and large milk and juice cartons are welcome in the recovery bin!

No more plastic bags!

Not all sites can recover plastic bags, so you can help the sorters by not piling paper and cardboard in plastic bags.

Separate containers and lids

It is important to separate containers and their lids when recycling, since they are not always manufactured in the same way.

Rinsing containers

For sanitary reasons, we recommend that you rinse containers before they can be recovered.

Recyclable plastic

The number of the recyclable plastic is printed on the underside of the container (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 7).

Non recyclable plastic

Plastic bags and films, cellophane, polystyrene foam, plastic toys and tools, binders and rulers, lighters, disposable razors, containers for motor oil, watering hoses, carpets, pool covers, #6 plastic and rubber.

Recyclable metal

Cans, aluminum plates and foil, ferrous metal.

Non recyclable metal

Soiled aluminum foil, aerosols, propane cylinders, cans of paint, batteries, packaging for cereal bars and other snack foods. Please note that cardboard should be folded to make the most of the available space.

Recyclable glass

All bottles and all glass jars are recyclable.

Non recyclable glass

Glass and mirror, ceramic, porcelain, pottery, dishes, Pyrex, crystal, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Recyclable paper and cardboard

Computer paper, soft cover books, newspapers, flyers, magazines, telephone books, writing paper, multi-layer paper (juice boxes, potato chips), milk containers, paper bags, boxes and packing, etc.

Non recyclable paper and cardboard

Carbon paper, wax paper, thermal paper (fax), diapers, paper tissues, paper towels, soiled paper and cardboard, etc.

All Mixed Recycling materials may be placed as is into the same RCI Mixed Recycling containers that you can obtain simply by contacting us at sales@rcienvironnement.com.

If you generate non-recoverable material in large quantities, our experts can find specific solutions for the problems to effectively manage these materials.

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