The Lachute Landfill Site is a green service offered to companies, municipalities, industries, institutions and individuals. This landfill site can accept household or commercial garbage, construction materials, industrial waste and other non-toxic materials. The landfill does not accept tires, paint or hazardous materials.

In 2008, Gestion environnementale Nord-Sud completed $1.5 million of work to improve the treatment of waste water. After almost a year in operation, the new equipment has proven its ability to achieve reductions of 97% in DBO5, 69% in ammonia nitrogen and 93% in suspended matter. Thanks to these results, the landfill site meets all of the waste-related standards established by the Régie Intermunicipale Argenteuil-Deux-Montagnes (RIADM).

Gestion environnementale Nord-Sud has also concluded an agreement for the watershed's management with the Agence de bassin versant de la rivière du Nord (Abrinord), as well as a partnership agreement to support this organization in the development and implementation of sustainable solutions through integrated management of the water and ecosystems of the watershed of the Rivière du Nord.

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