Since 2009, RCI Environnement has offered a service for the collection and management of the organic wastes of industrial, commercial and institutional enterprises. Waste from preparation or from the table, expired foods and green wastes can now be recovered rather than being sent to landfills.

Recovery may take the form of composting or methanization.

Composting is a known technology that requires high quality and homogeneity of organic matter, which must not be mixed with other types of household waste. For example, packaging must be separated from expired foods destined for recycling and must be disposed of separately. In addition, commercial outlets for the compost may be hard to identify.

Methanization aims to extract from organic matter all of its potential for reuse. RCI Environnement has been working for years on a facilities project that will employ a proven, reliable technology tailored to Quebec that is based on an anaerobic digestion system for recovering organic wastes in the form of biogas.

The results of the conversion process will be able to meet the needs of agricultural producers of waste in the form of liquid nitrogen, to supply biogas to industrial facilities and to convert some of RCI Environnement's trucks to biogas.

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