What is an extra service?

An extra service is an additional pick-up that is not part of your regular collection schedule. It involves an additional charge.

What are the standards with respect to the accessibility of equipment provided to clients?

In summer and winter alike, the equipment and the space around it must be kept free of any accumulations or objects that could limit access. Similarly, traffic and the client's facilities must in no way interfere with the performance of our services.

What does RCI do to reduce its own production of waste?

To reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, we have established a waste management policy. In addition to the adoption of a complete recycling program at our headquarters, this policy requires several meetings per year to raise our employees' awareness of the importance of recycling. Our headquarters has achieved a 92.6% rate of recovery and recycling. In short, we practice what we preach!

Are a defined perimeter and limited access required around equipment? What advantages does this provide, and what are RCI's recommendations?

For health and safety reasons, it is a very good thing to restrict and control access. Some municipalities may also have zoning regulations that make these measures mandatory. For specifications on enclosure installations or for more information, please contact our sales department: ventes@rcienvironnement.com.

What is a contaminated container?

A container is considered contaminated if it is intended for recycling but has been used for waste. Contamination may result in supplementary charges, because the unexpected waste will have to be sent to another, more appropriate processing centre. It should be noted that toxic materials and hazardous waste are prohibited from RCI's containers.
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