RCI Environnement, Residual Waste Management

Welcome to RCI Environnement.

We have become the leading integrated waste management company in Quebec by constantly innovating and by finding the best solutions for meeting the needs of all our clients. Since we first began, RCI Environnement has delivered optimal management of waste material by reducing, reusing, recycling and recoverying (the 4Rs).

For 2011 and a five consecutive year, RCI Environnement has received the Consumers' Choice Award, as well as a Level 2 certification from RECYC-Québec for all our facilities.

RCI in action
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Organize environmentally responsible events that are carbon-neutral, with zero waste!

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Ecoshift discusses best practices and the services available for managing waste material.

RCI Technologies
Une filiale de RCI Environnement qui a pour mission de concevoir, mettre en oeuvre et exploiter des technologies innovantes pour valoriser les matières résiduelles.

Collection of Organic Matter
New collection service of organic matter that is sorted on site!

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No matter how much waste you generate, RCI Environnement has the specialized equipment you need.