RCI Environnement, which was founded in 1997, operates a large group of waste management facilities and more than 150 specialized trucks. It has more than 350 employees. We serve more than 20,000 institutional, commercial and industrial clients, in addition to cities and municipalities representing more than 1.2 million citizens.Our guiding values shared by all of our employees are competence, respect for the environment, integrity, teamwork, availability and innovation.

A presence throughout Quebec

Our employee's experience and expertise, combined with our large group of facilities and fleet of trucks, allow us to offer a comprehensive range of waste management services throughout Quebec, using our vast network of partners as necessary. Our experts facilitate the implementation of effective environmentally responsible programs, and offer client solutions that foster employee pride and support.

Our full range of waste management services includes managing recyclable materials, organic waste, dry material and garbage. RCI Environnement is always on the lookout for new ways to use waste material.

Excellent client service

Our objective is clear. We want all of our clients to be proud to work with RCI Environnement. Our courteous, reliable, top-notch service, our availability 24/7, the skills and professionalism of our employees, the strict management of our equipment and facilities and the technology that we use to process, salvage, recycle and ultimately eliminate waste enable us to provide the best level of service in our industry.

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