RCI Environnement's consulting services enable you to manage your waste simply, reliably and efficiently. By calling on our expertise, you are ensured of optimal management from material collection to final disposal, whatever your needs may be.

By selecting RCI Environnement, you can relieve yourself of a great deal of worry and focus on your most important activities.

Integrated recovery and management

Our waste management consultants analyze each situation and then identify and recommend the solution that best fits your needs.

Our expert consultants, exclusive to RCI Environnement, will guide you in the implementation of a complete recovery process based on the 4R approach. They will offer you four recovery programs.

They can also help you to plan and organize environmentally sensitive, carbon-neutral and zero-waste events.

Services à la carte

We can also offer the following services à la carte.

  • Auditing and diagnosing your residual waste management procedures or plan
  • Drafting and implementing your recovery and integrated waste management plan
  • Distributing material on how to collect recyclable material for selective sorting
  • Developing a training and communications program for you
  • Preparing a recovery performance report by characterizing your waste and reviewing your monitoring and continuous improvement program
  • Drafting your ecological procurement policy
  • Helping you prepare an application for performance certification under the ICI ON RECYCLE! program run by RECYC-QUÉBEC

We offer a vast range of specialized and tailored waste management services to meet the specific needs of municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional clients.

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