Organizers of large celebrations and festivals and municipalities are increasingly interested in ensuring that such events are environmentally responsible and carbon-neutral, with zero waste.

To help you reach this goal, RCI Environnement's turnkey events department offers event planning services, collection equipment rentals, a sorting and maintenance unit, waste collection (recyclable and compostable material as well as ultimate waste) and a performance report.

To meet with an advisor and plan an environmentally responsible, carbon-neutral event with zero waste, contact us by telephone or email us at:

We have an extensive range of collection, recovery and sanitation equipment.

To help you meet your recovery targets, RCI Environnement created Fred the Recycler, an educational tool that adds value to your events. The Fred the Recycler container, along with its team of rolling bins, is an attractive way to show your commitment to the environment and maximize the recovery rate at the site of your event. Fred the Recycler will maximize the recovery rate at your event.

We also have a wide range of mobile toilettes suitable for every type of event, from regular toilettes to our VIP trailers. They all come equipped with distributors of antibacterial disinfectant, and the toilet paper is made entirely of post-consumer fibres.

At the end of events planned by our specialists, we issue a performance certificate attesting to the recovery quantities and targets you have attained.


  • Event recovery and management plan
  • Selection of the appropriate equipment
  • Installation of equipment according to a predetermined layout
  • Training for the event organizer's staff
  • Event monitoring
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance certificate
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