The Lachute Technical Landfill Protects The Rivière du Nord

Lachute, December 2, 2009 - Gestion Environmentale Nord-Sud (GENS), a sister company of RCI Environment, is pleased to announce that it has concluded a watershed agreement with the Organisme de bassin versant de la rivière du Nord (Abrinord) aimed at improving the efficiency of treating wastewater from the Lachute Technical Landfill Site (TLS).

GENS completed a $1.5 million project at the Lachute Technical Landfill Site (TLS) that included the construction of a new 20,000 m3 aerated retention basin, addition of nitrifying bacteria agents to reduce ammonia nitrogen, weekly sampling and indicator analysis and a 500% increase in leaching water aeration capacity.

The activation of these facilities translated into a significant reduction in pollutants in the industrial wastewater. Measurements demonstrated a 97% reduction in BOD5, 69% in ammonia nitrogen and 93% in suspended solids. Thanks to these results, the Lachute Technical Landfill complies with the effluent standards established by the Régie Intermunicipale Argenteuil Deux-Montagnes (RIADM).

“We are very pleased with what we have accomplished because, in 2007, when we took on the responsibility of managing this site, we were determined to do so with rigor and in compliance with the law and RIADM standards as per our company's policies and practices,” declared Jean Beaudoin, First Vice President for Strategic Development and TLS Manager. “The basin agreement fits in perfectly with our vision for managing the TLS responsibly in a perspective of sustainable development for the entire region.”

Abricord President, Mr. Claude Magnan underscored “the measures implemented in this project blend in with many of the objectives of the Master Plan of the Rivière du Nord Watershed (PDE) and demonstrate a great awareness of responsibility for the improvement of water quality.”

The signing of a watershed agreement is a commitment to undertake actions that rank high in the PDE's list of priorities and will have positive repercussions on water quality and aquatic and waterfront ecosystems. The Master Plan of the Rivière du Nord Watershed is the result of concerted action involving all water related stakeholders. It provides analysis, identifies key issues and proposes solutions and actions involving everyone.

The Lachute Landfill was officially recognised as a technical landfill site (TLS) by the Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP) at the end of 2008.

For information:
Jean Beaudoin
First Vice President, Strategic Development
Gestion environnementale Nord-Sud
Tel.: 514 352 2020

Sophie Tremblay-Carle
Communications Officer
Tel.: 450 432 8490


Letter to our clients

Dear Customer,

In order to serve your organization safely and professionally during winter time, your access path must be clean and containers must be free of snow and ice at all times, in compliance with the stowage rules of

Decree 284-86, article 471 of the Highway Safety Code and our service contract.

Make sure to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Access to all containers must be free of snow and ice at all times.
  • The bindings holding the container must be accessible and free of snow and ice.
  • The top and sides of the container must be free of snow and ice.
  • If the content of the Roll-Off container is frozen and requires us to use a power shovel to empty it at the landfill site, an additional charge will apply.
  • If we are unable to empty the containers on the scheduled pick-up day for a lack of clear access or because the containers are not free of snow and ice, an additional service charge will apply.
  • To prevent refuse in the container from freezing you may add deicing salt from time to time. If that does not work, do not hesitate to call us to find an appropriate solution.

Your assistance in complying with these guidelines will help us to respect our pick-up schedule and offer you our best possible service during winter time.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at: 514 352-2020 or 1 877 565-2025, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Management


Consumers' choice award 2009 - Third consecutive year

To all our clients and collaborators,

RCI Environnement is the recipient of the Consumers' Choice Award 2009 in the « Waste Management » category.

This honour was awarded to us for the third consecutive year on the basis of a survey conducted by Léger Marketing among consumers, the general public, and managers of small- and medium-sized companies in the Montreal metropolitan area.

It is the result of the excellent work performed by all of our employees throughout the year in meeting and even exceeding our customers' expectations. We wish to thank you for your confidence and loyalty.

Since our suppliers, workers, and collaborators contribute to the quality and efficiency of our services, I am pleased to share this honour with them.

RCI Environnement is the most important Quebec-based waste management services provider. We serve over 20,000 commercial and industrial customers and more that 1.2 million residents of municipalities throughout Quebec. Thanks to its integrated operational structure, sorting station, and technical landfill site, RCI Environnement optimizes the recycling and reuse of waste.

Our company's success is based on our common values: competence, teamwork, availability, integrity, innovation, and respect for the environment. The current difficult economic environment obliges us to be vigilant in our decision-making process and provide our clients with exceptional service that sets us apart from the competition. Visit our website at www.rcienvironnement.com or call us to benefit from our services.

Our customers' loyalty and commitment are important to us and we seek to strengthen our relationship with you.

Thank you for your contribution.


The Management Team


Weight restrictions during the thaw period

Dear customer,

The yearly thaw period is starting soon and we must remind you that during this period, Transports Québec requires all transport carriers to reduce their load weights on all provincial roads to help minimize the damage to our road network.

During this period, we cannot legally exceed an approximate net weight of 5 metric tonnes (11,000 pounds) with a Roll-Off truck. This obligation is a requirement both for the refuse generator (you) and the carrier (us). Both parties may be subject to costly fines for not complying with these thaw period weight limitations. Consequently, RCI Environnement will charge all fines back to the refuse generator in case of a weight violation.

The thaw period should officially start on March 16th 2009 and will end May 16th 2009. Should any change to the legislation occur, Transports Québec will publish a notice. You may also visit their web site at www.mtq.gouv.qc.ca.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at 514 352-2020.

We thank you for your co-operation in this matter and please accept our best wishes.

The Management

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